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Raghu Consbruck, graphic designer
So often people ask me who designs Bada Haridas’ CD packages. Raghu Consbruck is the extraordinary artist who has designed all five of Bada Haridas’ studio CDs, promo materials, website, our logos for Chandra Media and Arts of Vaisnava Culture, and more.
She is efficient, dependable, and wonderful to work with.
Here is more about Raghu, and how to contact her.

raghuweb2014I’m Raghu Consbruck, a Florida graphic designer with a passion for color, elegance and simplicity. I am creative and enthusiastic with a flair for organization. I graduated with my graphic design degree in 2000 and have worked as an in-house designer for an engineering firm, as a book designer at a book publishing company in Sweden, and then most recently as one of the senior support staff designers the University of Florida.

Having been blessed with twins in 2011, I am now a freelance graphic designer.
Please view my design portfolio and contact me for projects at

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