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  • Gaura Sharanam

    Whether you prefer your kirtan music for meditation, yoga, dancing, or singing, your desires will be satisfied with Bada Haridas’ new album, Gaura Sharanam. Easy to sing-along melodies, original tunes

  • Varsana Kirtan

    Inspired by the devotees of the holy land of Varsana, this tune has gained world-wide popularity. [audio: Varsana Kirtan.mp3] hare krsna hare krsna   krsna krsna hare harehare rama hare rama  

  • Keno Hare Krishna Nama

    Come, let us go to the spiritual world, the land of true and everlasting beauty.  [audio: Keno Hare Krsna Nama.mp3] (refrain)keno hare krsna nam hari bolemano pran kande na pakhi

  • Doyal Nitai Chaitanya

    O my mind, please dance while chanting the holy name ‘Doyal Nitai Chaitanya’ [audio: Doyal Nitai Caitanya.mp3] doyal nitai chaitanya ‘bole’  nac re amar man,nac re amar man, nac re

  • Narada Muni

    When the great soul Narada Muni plays his vina, the holy name, Radhika-ramana descends and immediately appears amidst the kirtan of the Lord’s devotees. [audio: Narada Muni.mp3] narada muni, bajay

  • Seeking Your Shelter

    In an innovative new album, Bada Haridas’ soulful chanting and Murari Krishna’s heart stirring violin uplift and envelop the audience. This multi-layered dance of instruments and singers is masterfully choreographed,

  • Maha Mantra LIVE

    Take a spiritual journey to Alachua’s kirtan community for uplifting prayer and mantra meditation as Bada Haridas leads heartfelt choruses and favorite Hare Krishna melodies. When an entire community comes

  • Sri Nama

    This collection of prayers and mantras invoke the presence and blessings of the divine couple through the blissful singing of their holy names. Lively and fresh, a ‘must have’ album

  • Om Purnam

    with Karnamrita The sacred sounds and lyrics of these songs invoke the very heart of the Supreme Being. The contemporary arrangements mixed with traditional melodies and instrumentation, along with beautiful

  • Lalasamayi

    Lalasamayi – Devotional Meditations, is the intense yearning of the pure soul for reunion with God. Ancient Sanskrit and Bengali songs are beautifully sung and arranged using a combination of