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Lalasamayi – Devotional Meditations, is the intense yearning of the pure soul for reunion with God. Ancient Sanskrit and Bengali songs are beautifully sung and arranged using a combination of classical and contemporary instruments.

These songs have the ability to transport you to a place deep within your soul, where bhakti and the object of bhakti — Sri Krishna, reside. Experience the devotional mood of the goswamis of Vrindavana, of Srimati Tulasi devi, Narottama das Thakura, and others.

His first professional album, Lalsamayi brought Bada Haridas’ beautiful singing and talented compositions to the world. It has remained in demand since its release in 1998.

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” . . . traditional Indian instrumentation and sacred chant are arranged in these temptingly palatable Western productions. The goal was music of a spiritual and uplifting nature that is emotionally and musically absorbing . . . In my estimation, he succeeds admirably.”
– Napra Review

“Bada Haridas churns the lyrics and strokes the melody until it becomes so smooth and sweet you want it to go on forever . . . sophisticated musician who employs the sounds of an entire orchestra and more, he does so in an understated, tasteful way that lets the simplicity of the prayers shine through . . .”
– Kunti Devi, Alachua, FL

“I can’t thank you enough for sharing your musical realizations in such an extraordinary and beautiful way. I am so happy to share these devotional treasures with friends and relatives.”
– Rasa Lila, Gainesville, FL

“We just love your treatment of these ancient compositions. They are tremendous. We listen to this CD constantly and play it while teaching the children yoga at school.”
– Bhadra and Maha Purana, Atlanta GA

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