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Puerto Rico Kirtan Tour December 2009

Kosa and I just got back from a wonderful week of kirtan and vacationing in Puerto Rico. Jaya Sita, cellist extraordinaire and native to Puerto Rico was going back for a month to visit family. She kindly invited us to join her and made arrangements for us to have kirtans at yoga studios. We also have some long time friends there, Kartikeya and Nandini, who run a wonderful vegetarian prasadam restaurant, Tamal Krishna’s Veggie Garden. Even though it’s their busiest season, they agreed to host us.

On landing, Kartikeya picked us up and took us to the restaurant.

At the restaurant we met a wonderful man, Yakeen, who is a yoga instructor.

He was having a graduation celebration for several of his students on Sunday and asked us to come and lead kirtan.

Kirtan at Artes Mystica

Such a beautiful, effulgent group of yogis. They all got absorbed in the kirtan.

The highlight for me was when Yakeen and his mother, a senior yogini and one of the pioneers of yoga on the island, began to dance.


Monday Jaya Sita drove us up the coast to Mayaguez where we stayed with Mahadevi and Alberto. They have a beautiful home

where they practice sadhana and teach yoga. Lots of nice discussion, a soothing morning yoga class and sweet soft kirtan.

Afternoon we spent on the beach at the south west corner of the island, where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean, Cabo Rojo.
The West coast is famous for amazing sunsets.

Jaya Sita at Cabo Rojo
It’s said that dawn and dusk are the dress of the universal form of the Lord.

Evening in Sabana Grande at the home of two wonderful devotees, Kisor Sekara and Madhanika.
Wednesday evening kirtan at Samadhi Yoga. Jaya Sita and I led soft meditation bhajans during the yoga class and then things broke loose.
Lizelle, (between Kosa and myself) is the founder of Samadhi Yoga and is helping a lot of people; physically, emotionally and spiritually with yoga as therapy.

She has a wonderful way to reach people and her enthusiasm is contagious.

Mukunda Madhava works hard all week as an electrician, and does Deity seva at the temple all weekend.

Effulgent, sweet kirtan singer and sincerity personified.

Friday evening at Tamal Krsna’s Veggie Garden. Pizza night! Nandini makes the best vegan and vegetarian pizza in the world.

If your there on a Friday, don’t miss it.
Kirtan at Sadhana Yoga with Rita and her kirtan band. They are serious kirtaniers and have a great sound.

Rita leading a chant
A trip to Puerto Rico wouldn’t be complete without a visit to El Yunke, the rainforest.

Our tour guides: Jaya Sita and sister Melitza, aka as Yayi and Mely.

A dip under La Mina Falls.

Kirtan at Kartikeya and Nandini’s
First encounter with the Maha-mantra. Ecstatic!
Prasadam at Farmers Market in San Juan. Madhuri Gopi and her children prepare and serve delicious, bhakti filled vegetarian food.

Palika blissfully serving us lunch
Kosa and Nandini
A final kirtan and class at New Govardhan Hill.
Krsna Balaram Ki Jaya

Giri govardhana Ki Jaya

Radha Shyamasundhara Ki Jaya

Jaya Jaya Sri Radhe…….


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