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Seeking Your Shelter

In an innovative new album, Bada Haridas’ soulful chanting and Murari Krishna’s heart stirring violin uplift and envelop the audience. This multi-layered dance of instruments and singers is masterfully choreographed, offering the listener a full meditation experience.

Radhe Shyam Meditation 1 Radhe Shyam Meditation 2
Nandagram Maha Mantra Seeking Your Shelter

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Bada Haridas: Vocals and Harmonium, Murari Krishna das(NRS) Mussinov: Violin, Visvambhar Sheth: Mridanga and Kartals, Purusartha Sadkin: Bass, Chorus: Amrita Keli Sweet, Balaram Tirtha Rico, Gaura Shakti Allin, Govinda Cordua, Jaya Radhe Marcotte, Kamala Manjari Logan, Krsnaa Mary Fitch,  Purusartha Sadkin, Visvambhar Sheth,  Yamuna Zaldivar

Produced and Mixed by Bada Haridas at Chandra Studios
Graphic design by Raghu Consbruck

Bada Haridas

Murari Krishna das (NRS)

Visvambhar Sheth

Photo credits: Bada Haridas, photo by Shruthi Jayarama
Visvambhar Sheth, photo by Rasa Acarya

Krishna and Radha Dancing in the Moonlight, by Reva Shanker Sharma,
from the permanent collection of the Museum of Sacred Art (MOSA)
at Radhadesh, Belgium.

“After Bada Haridas named the album, Seeking Your Shelter, I went searching for the perfect art. When I found this painting, Krishna and Radha Dancing in the Moonlight, I was elated. The art, like the music, is elegant and captivating. For me, this painting serves as a reminder of our standing invitation to go to our eternal home, Goloka Vrindavana, where every step is a dance and every word is a song.

Special thanks to Martin Gurvich and MOSA, for use of the art.”— Kosa Ely (Kosarupa devi dasi)

drstva kumudvantam akhanda-mandalam
ramananabham nava-kunkumarunam
vanam ca tat-komala-gobhi ranjitam
jagau kalam vama-drsam manoharam

Lord Krishna saw the unbroken disk of the full moon glowing with the red effulgence of newly applied vermilion, as if it were the face of the goddess of fortune. He also saw the kumuda lotuses opening in response to the moon’s presence and the forest gently illumined by its rays. Thus the Lord began to play sweetly on His flute, attracting the minds of the beautiful-eyed gopis. —Srimad-Bhagavatam 10.29.3

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Oct 12